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Reveal the Deep

Our debut project. A deep-sea exploration adventure game, with horror elements and no HUD. Delve into the depths in the wreck of a 19th century steamship - navigate through expansive levels, uncovering the stories of the ship's demise and its passengers. Keep your nerve, your wits about you, and prepare to reveal the secrets of the deep.

Greenlight Approved

Greenlight is Steam's platform for community selection of the next titles to reach their service. Reveal the Deep was greenlit less than 10 days after it's entry to the program.

Eurogamer Reviewed

"This isn't really about the puzzles, of course. It's about the economy: the ease with which a simple graphical style, a floaty jump, and just the right kinds of creaking, groaning sound effects can take you somewhere odd and frightening. Reveal the Deep is genuinely frightening..." -Christian Donlan,

Cross Platform

Reveal the Deep is built in LibGDX, and is compatible with both desktop and mobile operating systems.

92% Positive Reviews

"One of the most atmospheric and terrifying games of 2015, and an example of horror through minimalism all developers should experience." - The Good, The Bad, And The Insulting

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