Card Cooking is set in a world where flavour is everything.
If you can't stand the heat  - get out of the kitchen, because you're going to get hurt.
Every recipe and ingredient is imbued with magical power, but it takes a skilled chef to construct the perfect dish for the occasion.



The world abounds with powerful, mysterious foods. Cult classics, family favourites, and long forgotten recipes that have become legend.
Some so delicious, so alluring and flavourful, that they have been declared illegal.
Yet some still dare to construct such fare.



Card Cooking is about exploring. After all, the best ingredients are always fresh.
From dark dungeons to forbidden forests, idyllic mountain ranges to mysterious alien temples, carve a distinct path on your journey to culinary genius.
There's no shortage of shortcuts to shortcrusts, and an array of hidden paths may just present you with the perfect secret ingredient to create a masterpiece.
To compete at the highest level, the best chefs combine their cooking skills with some good old-fashioned magic.
A well timed fire spell might flash fry a steak, brûlée a tough opponent, or set the kitchen ablaze. Just make sure to wear the oven mitts.