Rat Hell : Tactics
...is our new game.
  - Rats



(We've got one)
Blessed is our kingdom. It stands, a magnificent crowning jewel upon the lush hillside of the west-land.


The kings of legend bestowed upon us the three tenets of civilisation: a fair justice system, wise governance, and extensive waste management facilities.


It is these values of lawfulness, wisdom, and effective sanitation that we must call upon you to defend today.


Hordes of rats are pouring through the pipelines, headed directly for our capitol!





Guilds are central to Rat Hell : Tactics.

Each guild comprises a tight-knit team of four.

Unlock access to more of the city's guilds by clearing regions of the sewer.

Mix-and-match your favourite units to craft your dream rat-bashing team.



Each unit has its own unique style and moveset.

Units can be strengthened by assigning them relics.

As the old saying goes, nothing bashes rat quite like an antique.

Combine relics to develop new synergies within your guild and adapt to the numerous varieties of rats you will face in your journey.


me n the boys ready to go kill rats